"Congratulations Rhonnie on opening Flockfit. It is bound to be a great success.

Rhonnieis by far and away the BEST personal trainer I have ever had.

I am over 50 years of age and have been going to the gym off and on for the last 30 years. I found Rhonnie and her team, to bee xtremely knowledgeable about the human body. She immediately understood my specific health issues.  Rhonnie created programmes for me that worked from the outset.  I felt challenged and never bored during the two or so years   that Rhonnie was my personal trainer.

Rhonnie is at the very top of her field.  Her generosity of time , knowledge and her infectious energy are just remarkable . She is passionate about health and fitness, and she cares about her clients. I highly recommend Rhonnie and her team .
I am just sorry that because I live in Sydney I cannot continue to have Rhonnie train me. She made fitness challenging but fun, safe and effective."

Daniela Poletti


"Rhonnie does a great job of addressing your individual needs to deliver a challenging and varied program which will leave you feeling amazing."



"I cannot recommend this lovely lady enough! I was overcoming cancer and had had a stem cell transplant when I met Rhonnie who became my personal trainer for 3 years in Sydney! I was impressed by her knowledge of body, health, food and fitness and her insightful nature - whereby she tailored  training programs for someone like me , in my mid 50's and recovering from cancer treatments! Slowly and steadily Rhonnie got me to a great level of fitness and strength. Her kind and caring nature spurred me on and inspired me to challenge myself. Rhonnie is a truly gifted, amazing and inspiring trainer and a beautiful soul. I recommend her studio to people of all ages and strengths. She will get the best from you!

I wish her every success in her new premises! Go Rhonnie!"



"My name is Joanne and Rhonnie was my Personal Trainer back in Sydney for almost 3 years. What an inspiration she was to me. She drove me not only to loose weight and eat well but to be the best person I could be at the time. She worked me hard and knew how to train me and coach me when I was going through some very tough times. Rhonnie was my life coach and I can't thank her enough and I wish I was in Brisbane so I could train with her in her newest venture Flockfit. I wish her nothing but the best she is an awesome trainer and a beautiful soul. Enjoy every day and embrace your fitness."

Joanne Brennan


"I was a former client of Rhonnie’s while she was in Sydney for about three years. In that time, she not only demonstrated her incredible wealth of knowledge about the human body and how to best shape it with an exercise program catered specifically for me, but she was also able to educate me on food and nutrition for a healthier way of living.

Rhonnie takes her role as Personal Trainer seriously by adopting a holistic approach. She doesn’t just tell you what exercises to do, she shows you how to do them the correct way for maximum effect and so that you do not injure yourself and can keep on training.

Rhonnie’s methods are impressive. As an overweight 44 year old woman at the time, who had not been to a gym for many, many years (!), I found myself doing the most amazing, challenging and yes, uncomfortable things – and all with a sweet, supportive smile on her face!

I can honestly say that Rhonnie was and continues to be one of the most influential and positive people to have ever entered my life and change it for the better. When I am at my current gym in Sydney, she is always in the forefront of my mind on how to do the exercise properly without injuring myself.

Rhonnie is truly gifted at her craft and cares deeply for her clients. I wish I lived in Queensland so that I could continue my exercise regimen with her!"